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My Funny Ears: A Girl/Boy's Guide to Otoplasty

Written by Christine Stiles, MD

This book is designed as a guide to help children prepare for having an otoplasty. The problems children with prominent ears face are described in a child friendly manner. The pre-op, intra-op and post-op care is described in a way to alleviate fears and anxiety for both the child and his or her parents. In the end, the child will be excited about their surgery and their new ears!

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August 2016


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April 2011 - Bullied Child Gets Plastic Surgery, ABC News Report

ABC News did a story about a very cute 7 year old female who underwent an otoplasty to correct a congenital deformity of her ears.  The question they raised is whether this surgery was appropriate for a 7 year old.  However, they gave little airtime to Dr. Steven Pearlman to explain how beneficial this surgery will be for her. 


Some congenital ear deformities can be corrected within the first 6 weeks of life with ear molding.  As the child develops congenital anomalies such as lop ear, prominent ears, Stahl’s ears, and cryptic ears become more noticeable as the ears grow.  By age 4 years, the ears have achieved approximately 85% of their adult size.  This is also the time when children become conscious of their appearance and may get teased by other children.  Otoplasty is a low risk outpatient procedure that corrects the ear shape to achieve a symmetric appearance.  Parents who decide to have this surgery performed for their children have often heard the comments that other children and adults have made, which may be harmful to their children.  Often, parents of children with ear anomalies had congenital ear anomalies and whether corrected or uncorrected, they remember the teasing and loss of self confidence that accompanies these deformities.  As parents, they are sensitized to this problem and favor surgery over having their children suffer the social impairment they have known.  Often parents will choose to make financial sacrifices to allow their children to avoid the social trauma associated with having prominent ears and other ear deformities.


Otoplasty is an effective low risk surgery that can have a positive influence on the social development and self confidence of a child for a lifetime.  Parents who choose to have this procedure performed for their children are supported by the plastic surgery community. 


For more information the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website,